Boosting omni-channel shopper engagement through loyalty marketing in retail

Now that more and more loyalty membership apps and cards are optimized for omni-channel shopper experiences, retailers want as many people as possible to use them. Why? Because omnichannel shoppers spend between twice or three times the amount of a ‘single channel’ shopper.
26 januari 2023

Reaching shoppers that are literally everywhere can be quite a challenge. However, as loyalty membership apps and cards have become the heart and soul of retailers’ loyalty strategies across the globe, new opportunities arise.  

At BrandLoyalty, we’ve seen retailers’ focus shift because of the new challenges the omni-channel landscape reveals. Challenges such as ‘How to win customer attention and drive traffic to own channels?’, ‘How to drive omnichannel shopper behavior?’, ‘How to monetize own channels and platforms?’, ‘How to boost long-term loyalty programs?’. 

As the leading global provider of campaign-based loyalty programs, we at BrandLoyalty have seen shoppers evolve and grow. The customer of tomorrow wants every interaction to trigger more choice, easier access, and personalized deals. Technology has become cheaper and easier to access, allowing retailers globally to tap into personalization and leverage their customer data.  

Therefore, retailers must connect with shoppers beyond the transaction, through an omnichannel loyalty strategy that’s embedded in a retailer’s loyalty ecosystem. Where loyalty strategies used to be mostly offline, its reach has now expanded to online, loyalty apps, or in-between commercial touchpoints.  

In a 30-minute keynote at Euroshop, I will dive into the world of omni-channel loyalty marketing to highlight omni-channel and digital loyalty strategies as well as give examples and share success stories of campaigns at the world’s leading retailers.  

I’m happy to see many of you at the Retail Marketing Stage on the 27th of February and start the conversation!