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Aesop | Düsseldorf | Düsseldorf

Kasernenstraße 10-12, 40213 Düsseldorf

Snøhetta, the internationally renowned practice of architecture, plus landscape, interior and brand design, has collaborated with Aesop on the design of one of their Germany-based stores, located in Düsseldorf’s Grabenstraße. This is Aesop’s first store opening in Düsseldorf, and the second store in Germany to be designed by Snøhetta, preceded by Aesop Fasanenstraße in Berlin.

Designed to be an implicit extension of the plaza where the store is located, which is often host to a variety of markets and fairs, the minimal design of the retail space successfully highlights Aesop’s products. 

Blonde-hued Douglas fir shelving curves over the walls, creating a crescent that envelops the customer, whilst embedded downlights from the ceiling follow the same pattern. A monolithic concrete sink, reminiscent of Düsseldorf’s local fountains, has been centrally located in order for customers to wash their hands, test products and follow demonstrations, amplifying the subtle blur between interiors and exteriors. 

Two timber benches fitted with planter boxes further extend this interior-exterior relationship, as they have been placed just beyond the store’s stone facade, inviting visitors to sit and linger in the shade outside.

After the recent opening of Aesop’s retail space in Berlin, Düsseldorf becomes the fifth collaboration between the Australian skincare brand and Snøhetta.

Aesop | Düsseldorf

Kasernenstraße 10-12, 40213 Düsseldorf




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