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Douglas Experience | Düsseldorf | Düsseldorf

Joachim-Erwin-Platz 1, Düsseldorf

A mint and pink design, neon elements and shiny materials: The new flagship store draws full attention of shoppers in the heart of Düsseldorf. With its young and urban flair the new store concept is designed to engage especially the younger generation – and everyone who is excited about innovative and new shopping experiences!

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On 775 square meters, across two floors you will find not only a huge range of brands and products, but also innovative tools such as the Beauty Mirror and a Click & Collect station.

At the instore Beauty School you can join masterclasses and workshops with experts or book an appointment with a hairdresser. Customers have the opportunity to take part in free training sessions with brand partners. And in the future influencers may have a perfect meeting point to get to know their followers.

On top, there are plenty of photo spots instore - and if the phone battery runs out, shoppers can charge their phones while relaxing at the comfortable seating areas.

With its services and digital features the new store become a point of experience for innovative, comfortable beauty shopping and a seamless connection to our online shop.

Douglas Experience | Düsseldorf

Joachim-Erwin-Platz 1, Düsseldorf




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