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Bechstein | Düsseldorf | Düsseldorf

Adersstraße 12 -14, 40215 Düsseldorf

Experience, see and feel music – the C. Bechstein flagship store in Düsseldorf makes all this possible. Designer Nik Schweiger was inspired by the pianos of the premium manufacturer and created a space that shows off the keyboard of the various models. In the bathrooms, the Vaia Dornbracht fitting designed by Sieger Design and the Aqua Alape bowl basin complement the concept.

Inspired by the grand piano
The façade of the flagship store – an imposing glass arch – is reminiscent of a concert grand piano. The three-dimensional ceiling structure inside the store is another highlight: It is inspired by the cast frame, the load-bearing component in the piano in which the strings are clamped and which is responsible for the piano’s sound. The impression of the grand piano strings made of stainless steel cable on the top conveys the feeling of being inside the instrument. Piano lacquer is furthermore used to create mirror surfaces in the room.

The C. Bechstein flagship store features grand and upright pianos staged under black mirrored ceilings and planted skylights in front of an imposing mountain landscape.

The lighting is inspired by the cast iron shapes of the piano frame, which sustains the tension of the strings. Sliding felt pads are used to create varying mises-en-scène in the 700-sqm space, giving customers the feeling that they are standing in the heart of a Bechstein instrument.

Bechstein | Düsseldorf

Adersstraße 12 -14, 40215 Düsseldorf




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