Estelle Flagshipstore | Tchai

We find ourselves in an era that has a mission when it comes to hygiene. Hence, a boom in the use of home care products that help us safeguard health and cleanliness. Major hygiene obsessions have diminished somewhat, but the habit has become a bigger part of our daily lives. The typical scents recalling citrus blends or pine trees have long been a trusted feature under our sinks. However, these days people expect more reliable products which protect us against germs; sanitising and giving synergy to our homes.
18 februari 2022

Consumers are increasingly seeking “professional” as well as “gentle” cleaning, which is what shaped a new vision for Tristar, a well-established brand for professional cleaning supplies. With their expertise and scientific reputation, they discovered a new consumer demand for proven hygiene products. With a completely new brand name “Estelle”, they branched out and tapped into a new market, one that desires to create harmony in the home.

They really put the perception we had previously about cleaning products to the test, and ultimately repositioned the product into a more luxurious one for domestic well-being. A product made for the here and now, without compromising on clean and relaxed spaces.

Aside from the products, Estelle’s retail space design doesn’t have an everyday look either. Instead, each and every corner breathes the brand’s heritage; lab, science and expertise. It will also remind customers of a life-style boutique. Experiencing the elemental nature of the products – the soft, clear and yet distinct colours – is central here, which is why the stunning centre piece is designed as a counter where everyone is free to experiment, test and even make personal blends with various scents… just like in a scientific laboratory.

Full-service partner Tchai has played a significant role in the entire process; from discovering the moving consumer market, to developing the branding for their core product and to the design, production and delivery of a retail store that connects it all together.

Estelle is a new brand for home goods such as premium multi-purpose cleaners and accessories. Their very first store opened its doors to consumers last summer at Korte Brugstraat 2 in Breda, the Netherlands.