C&A Connected Shopping

The Industrious proposed a new way for C&A shoppers to participate by creating curated collections built for each individual shopper from the thousands of items on display. Using digital interactives throughout the store, shoppers built their personal collection of items and discovered complementary items that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. This helped build a complete look that felt custom and personal.

Deelnemende retail: C&A-DACH

30 oktober 2021

These items were collected and brought to the interactive changing booth where the outfits could be tried on and experienced. The booth knew of the items that were being sampled, and shoppers could select different sizes or substitute products to finish the look.

C&A experienced a lift in their average basket size among their Gen-Z shoppers who embraced this execution. It was natural for them to involve digital technology in the shopping process. Using their mobiles, they also turned shopping into a shareable event, with quick moments to send out to Instagram or Snapchat. 

The Industrious

324 S. Beverly Drive, #369 Beverly Hills
CA 90212 USA Los Angelos