AT&T TV Demo App

The Industrious designed and developed the AT&T TV Demo App as a simple, effective way to engage customers in an immersive video sales experience. Available for sales teams across the US to download onto their mobiles and tablets, the AT&T TV Demo App provides the latest information and location-specific offers.
23 april 2021
  • Custom branded video vignettes illustrate the product’s top reasons-to-believe and support salesperson talk track and customer self-discovery
  • An interactive demonstration of the experience customers will have with the product and its technology at home.
  • Pricing and promotions are targeted to the region, season, time of day, and customer eligibility
  • A “backstage” area of the app hosts relevant training and support material and communications from corporate to the field
  • A custom content management system provides real-time updates to ensure that the content in the hands of salespeople is always accurate and up to date
  • Detailed analytics on application usage provides key information to stakeholders to improve outcomes

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