The ultimate Visual Merchandising Handbook

A paper about the importance of Visual Merchandising, Tips & Tricks and more. As brands and retailers increasingly look to pour more money into their online efforts, there is a recognizable need to remember the value of the physical retail store to the customer experience and wider brand identity.
26 februari 2021

More than ever, the physical store has to be looked at as a place to sell more than just merchandise. Modern consumers, especially Millennials and Generation Z, crave experiences. The very idea of what a store is has changed completely. It’s morphed from a place where people come to buy to a place where people come to discover.

Visual Merchandising (VM) must be factored into the business equation in the earlier stages of marketing and product development. It is the first tangible representation of a brand’s new marketing efforts. In order to communicate the intended messages properly, stores must be merchandised consistently. This requires investment in both, time and resources.

This brand book gives you an insight into the nature of Visual Merchandising, which role it plays in building customer relationships and how you are able to measure your VM efforts.