Create your best design using eye-tracking 

Why rely on old-fashioned research methods when you can predict what really matters? Get your eye-tracking results for images and videos in the blink of an eye. We offer an attention prediction platform to help creators make better decisions. expoze.io delivers immediate, reliable, and actionable insights to help designs get noticed.

Eye-tracking for everyone
At expoze.io we offer insights into what drives human attention. Our core beliefs in scientifically driven results and objective validation shaped expoze.io into an accessible to all platform with a goal to
optimize your designs. We believe creators make better designs if they get insights into predictive attention. In turn, we help them to make better decisions.

Creators want to succeed with their work and want their designs to get noticed. Subjective opinions are not reliable and traditional attention measures are costly as well as time-consuming. Creators need objective, reliable and efficient validations to remove their insecurities and optimize their designs. They have a continuous need for objective, reliable and scientific validation. Our users want data-driven and tangible insights so that optimizing becomes a standard in their daily work. Any solution is required to be effortlessly integrated into their creative process while fitting with marketing budgets.


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